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From on-location reports to bilingual recipes, we aim to bring a taste of the UK to fans of British culture here in Japan.

On-location in the UK

この数年間、私たちは年に2回イギリスを訪れています。このUK Cultureのウェブサイトには訪れた場所の写真や情報を掲載しています。すぐにわかる有名な場所から、あまり知られていない場所まで、興味深い情報を紹介しています。

Saltaire, West Yorkshire

For the past few years, we have visited the UK twice annually. On this site, we post photographs and information about the places we visit. Some places you will instantly recognize, but I think that the lesser known areas of the UK are even more interesting! I hope that you enjoy reading about our travels.

Afternoon Tea


Afternoon Tea at Betty’s

At our White Rose classroom, we offer a special Afternoon Tea lesson for our older students. Here, on our UK Culture page, we will be talking about the tradition of the British Afternoon Tea and sharing our experiences from various Afternoon Tea establishments.



Strawberry cupcakes

I am not a professional cook. I simply love baking. I ask family and friends for ideas or look for recipes in books,magazines and on the internet and adapt them to be made in Japanese ovens and with ingredients available here.

In London everyone is different, and that means everyone can fit it in.

Paddington Bear