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はじめまして。大阪府、岸和田市にあるWhite Rose C.C.C 英語教室を経営している大鳥ヘレンと申します。30年以上日本の高等学校、英会話学校、保育園での幅広い経験を生かし、子どもから大人までどのような方でも安心してわからないことが聞ける環境で英語のレッスンを行っています。教室の名前にある「C.C.C」は、’Culture and Communication Consultant’「文化とコミュニケーションのコンサルタント」の略です。英語を教えるだけではなく、私たちは英国の文化について話すのが大好きです。最近まで、この英国文化のブログは教室のウェブサイトに載せられました。しかし、コンテンツが年々成長するにつれて、純粋にこのビジネスの文化的側面に特化した「姉妹」サイトを立ち上げる時が来たと判断しました。有名なところだけではなく、英国のあまり知られていないところからのオンロケーションレポートをお届けします。また、英国のお菓子作りが好きな皆さまのために新しいレシピを追加していきます。英語のレッスンに興味がある皆さま、姉妹サイトの「White Rose C.C.C 英語教室」をご覧ください。

White Rose C.C.C. is a small English Language School that feels like home. It is owned and operated by British teacher, Helen Otori.

Hello everyone and thank you for visiting our UK culture site. My name is Helen Otori and I own and operate the White Rose C.C.C English Language School in Kishiwada City, situated in the southern area of Osaka Prefecture. I have over 30 years of experience teaching English in Japanese High Schools, Conversation Schools and Nursery Schools and we aim to provide a warm and friendly learning environment to students of all ages. The ‘C.C.C’ part of our business name actually stands for ‘Culture and Communication Consultant’. We don’t only enjoy teaching English, but absolutely love talking about UK culture. Until recently, this UK culture blog was posted on our language school site. However, as the contents have grown over the years, we came to the decision that it was time to set up a sister site dedicated completely to UK culture. We will continue to post ‘on-location’ reports from the UK from not only the more famous places, but also from areas that are lesser known to our Japanese audience. We also hope to add to our growing collection of bilingual British baking recipes. If you are interested in our English lessons, please visit our sister site ‘White Rose C.C.C英語教室‘.


イギリス、ウェストヨークシャー出身の大鳥ヘレンは1989に来日して、30年以上も日本に在住しており、英語教師として長いキャリアを持っています。日本人の夫と25年以上家庭を持ち、2人の大人の子供を持つ母です。White Rose[白いバラ]は生まれ育った信愛のヨークシャー州のシンボルです。

Born in West Yorkshire, England, Helen Otori moved to Japan in 1989 and has now been living there for over 30 years. She has a long career teaching English in various institutions. She has been married for over 25 years to her Japanese husband and together, they are the proud parents of two grown-up children. The ‘White Rose’ is the symbol of her beloved birth place, Yorkshire.






Graduated from Aston University, U.K with a BSC(hons) in International Business and French.

Arrived in Japan one month after graduation.

1989 to 1991


Worked as as Assistant Language Teacher in High Schools in Ishikawa Prefecture.

1991 to 199380861538_10156499379550855_1286425662445322240_n


Worked as an English language instructor at a conversation school in Osaka City.

1993 to 2009


Worked as a Native English Teacher at High Schools in Osaka Prefecture.

2009 to 2014


Worked in management at a Nursery School.

English language instructor for the 2-year-old classes.

2014 to present

White Rose C.C.C の経営者・講師

Owner and teacher at White Rose C.C.C

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